Enhancing Lives in the Communities We Serve...

Our culture is no accident - it is our planned approach to business, and is summarized through our guiding principle of "Enhancing Lives in the Communities We Serve".

We believe we are the best company in our industry, and we attribute this success to our culture. Culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual. The common beliefs, ethics and values that all of our Employees share are the driving force behind all of our accomplishments.

Our Employee philosophy has been cultivated to support our overall Culture and is defined by the following objective:

"Create a working environment that provides opportunity, job security, competitive pay, and career progression in order to attract and retain the most capable and talented Employees, second to no other company."


To support this, we are dedicated to:

  • Making the fullest use of Employees' abilities

  • Fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose for each Employee

  • Providing opportunities for further training and development

  • Promoting from within the organization whenever possible

  • Recognizing and rewarding individuals fairly in proportion to their performance

  • Providing a supportive and safe working environment

  • Keeping Employees informed of significant developments, particularly those that affect them personally

Over the years, we have learned the true value of teamwork and cooperation among Total Homecare Solutions Employees.  When people-work together for a common goal, even in the face of strong adversity, the team will succeed. It is because of this spirit that our company prospers.